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Make sure your house is in order

Before any promotion

Marketing Ad CampaignsBest piece of advice I can give is to make sure that your house is in order before you start any marketing initiative. Probably not new information to a lot of you but always something to keep in mind.  Take the Southwest Airlines three day promotion that started last Tuesday and has crashed their website since that time.  They were not able to pull most of their advertising so along with a lot of money spent to drive people to a non functioning website they have made a lot of people frustrated and upset.

How could this have been prevented?  Easily, make sure your house is in order and here is how.

1.  What is the potential reach of your campaign?  If you have an Ad Agency or Marketing Agency they should be able to give you this information easily.  Lets say they purchased a total of 10 million overall impressions and they were used to a click through rate of 2%, then do the math, can your site handle that kind of traffic?  If you are running a television promotion, check to see what type of response you have gotten in the past as compared to how many GRP’s (Gross rating points) you purchased.  Are you prepared for that type of response?

2.  Do you have the support for your campaign?  If you are putting a number in your ad do you have the call center or staff to answer?  If you are asking people to come into your location is it staffed properly.

3.  Can you fulfill the orders?  Do you have the inventory?  If not can you produce the product in a timely manner.  Do you have shipping set up?

4.  Lastly and possibly most importantly, will you make money.  While I understand the concept of a lost leader, will over time this promotion make you money.  Have you done the research to insure that given what you spend on the promotion itself and the possible need of additional staff, will you come out ahead.

While this post is an abbreviated version of my thoughts on “Making sure your house is in order”, any promotion should be part of an overall plan.  That plan should take the above four items into account.

Let us make a plan for your business...